Region 21

2019 Region 21 Black Belt Camp

We have another great camp planned this year! Our camp guest this year will be Master Dennis DiMarco.  Once again, we are inviting 1st GUPs to Camp. The venue is Camp John Hope in Georgia.  Camp John Hope is located in Fort Valley, GA. The address is 281 Hope Entrance Road Fort Valley, GA 31030.  The registration fee of $150.00 is inclusive of lodging, meals and will include BB Camp pants!  If you have special food needs please tell me on the registration form and register early.   

A non-training parent may attend at a reduced fee of $90.00 only if they are willing to be a chaperone and bunk with students.  If they want to come just to be with their child then the fee is $150 to stay at the camp and have meals with us. Chaperones and attending parents’ fees do not include pants.  As always, we will need to do background checks on all adults volunteering, so we will need a copy of DL and social security number. I will be publishing the final schedule by the end of May, and forwarding it to your instructor.  We also ask each student to follow the schedule and be where they are supposed to be at all times, even if their parent is chaperoning and/or attending as a guest.

 All participants must be pre-registered via the Region 21 Pay Pal site.  Cost is $150.

 Once all registrations are received we will make cabin assignments based on gender, age and rank.  The beds are barracks style twin size bunk beds. We are requesting chaperones from each studio so that all students are safely chaperoned. 

We are planning check-in for Friday beginning at 1:00 PM; however access to bunk cabins is 3:00 PM per Camp Director​. 

Suggested Packing List
Twin size bedding, pillow
Towels    & toiletries                        
Cheap flip flops (for community shower)
Sneakers for outdoor training and recreation
Dobahk with all Association patches & Belt
Sparring Gear (Head, Hands, Boots, Mouthpiece and cup for males)
Staff, practice dagger, Sword-Dans, Sais (if you have them)
Bathing suit, sun screen 
Notebook and pen
Water bottle and water
Bug spray

Master Jan Lappin