Region 21

Rules for Kyuck Pa Competition


A. Artistry of presentation

    1. Are the breaks set up in an artistic manner?

    2. Has consideration been given to the angle the judges view?

    3. Does the presentation flow between techniques?

B. Difficulty of techniques

    1. Speed vs. power

    2. Multiple boards will be rated more difficult than single boards.

    3. Unspaced boards will be rated more difficult than those with spacers.

    4. Spinning techniques will be rated more difficult than basic techniques.

    5. Jump/spinning techniques will be rated more difficult than spinning



A.  Does contestant approach breaks with confidence?

B.  Does contestant perform breaks without hesitation?

C.  Are the breaks performed with good rhythm, focus and balance?


Break material will only consist of wood. Boards will be available for purchase at the tournament for the price of $2.00 per board.


a. Children (gup) under 10 years - 6"

b  Children (cup) 10 - 16 years - 8"

c  Adults (over 17) - 10"


a.  Cho Dan Youth 9 - 12 - 8"

b.  Cho Dan Youth 13 - 17 - 10"

c.  E & Sam Dan 13 - 17 - 10"

d.  Adults, all ranks - 10"


A.  Ideally, contestants should provide their own holders.

B.  If the contestant has not provided their own holders, volunteers may be recruited from the competition contestants, keeping in mind that those who are used must be in dobahk and must be adults and/or black belts.


Judges will use the following criteria to arrive at a score:

A.  There will be a maximum of three (3) stations to a presentation.

B.  There will be a maximum three (3) tries per station for gup students; two (2) tries per station for Dan members.

C.  The score will be marked down for failure to break, no matter how difficult the technique.