Championship dinner and Dance



Tannery Row - Ale House

554 West Main Street, Bldg C-100

Buford, GA


All are invited to come out for dinner and dancing. Will be a great time.

Note: Black Belts should wear Dress Blues at the Event

Dinner Pricing: $15 per person for the first 3 family members. $10 person for each additional IMMEDIATE family member.

Championship info

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019


Mulberry Creek Park and Recreation Center
4491 J M Turk Rd, 
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Registration Information

$30.00 - Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons

$45.00 - Regular Registration

$50.00 -  Regular Registration with Breaking

There is no on-site registration.  
Absolutely no applications will be accepted after April 19, 2019



All competitors, instructors and their studios must be currently registered with the World Tang Soo Do Association. All Cho Dan Bo and Black Belts must be current members of the Region 21 Leadership Club. 2019 membership fees are waived for 2019.


8:00   AM - Doors open
8:30   AM - Judge's meeting
9:00   AM- Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM - Competition Begins


There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and co-3rd in each category.  There will be medals for non-winning participants in the 12 and under divisions.  There will be a total of eight grand champion trophies based on the overall point winner in the following categories for Male and Female: Adult Dan (18-35), Senior Dan (36 and over), Junior Dan(17 and under), and Gup (all ages). Grand champions are chosen by total points accumulated; 1st place - 10 points; 2nd place - 8 points; 3rd or co-3rd place - 5 points.  

Hotel accommodations

Championship Hotel:

Quality Inn

3469 Mundy Mill Road

Oakwood, GA 30566

Phone: 770.287.1000

Note: Due to competing events at the time of the tournament, we are unable to reserve a block of rooms. This means you'll need to make your reservations EARLY!

Black Belt Testing

Date: Friday, April 26, 2019

5:00 PM Black Belt written test,

6:00 PM Black Belt physical test


Mulberry Creek Park and Recreation Center

4491 J M Turk Rd,

Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Tournament Info

Region 21

Alternate Hotels:


Hampton Inn and Suites

4660 Holland Dam Road

Flowery Branch, GA


Phone: 770.965.0357



Country Inn & Suites

925 GA-124,

Braselton, GA


Phone: 770.868.5419


​The Championship will follow the recognized rules of the World Tang Soo Do Association.  Rule books are available from WTSDA Headquarters at a cost of $8.00


​Divisions may be combined or split at the discretion of the championship management.

Hyungs Allowed:

You may perform the hyung needed to get into your present rank or the hyung needed to acquire your next rank.  For more, see the World Tang Soo Do Championship Handbook.


4th - 2nd Gup Bong Hyung Ill Bu, 3rd Gup

Cho Dan Bo Bong Hyung E Bu.
Cho Dan may perform Bong Hyung E Bu or Bong Hyung Sam Bu.
E Dan may perform Bong Hyung Sam Bu, Dan Gum Hyung, or Ki Cho Jang Gum Hyung.

Sam Dan may perform Dan Gum Hyung, Ki Cho Jang Gum Hyung or Jung Koop Jang Gum Hyung. 


Please remember to bring all of your sparring gear for the dae ryun. This includes head gear, mouthpiece, hand and foot gear and groin cup (males). All WTSDA competition rules are in effect.

Team Sparring Rules:

There will be the following groups team sparring:

Girls 12 and under

Boys 12 and under

Mixed 13 - 17

Mixed 18 and older

Each team will consist of 4 participants where sparring is conducted in a "tag team" fashion for 4 minutes per match. Every person on the team must spar or the team faces potential disqualification.

Depending on the number of teams, match duration may be reduced to 3 minutes. If possible, it's encouraged to assemble your team prior to team sparring so that we can get moving quickly.

Should be fun!



Only an official WTSDA dobohk and belt may be worn. Regulation patches and color trim are required.